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Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy[1] Auger Electron Spectroscopy[1] Luminescence[1]
NMR[3] Time-resolved spectroscopy [2] Vibrational Spectroscopy[1]

Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
Author: M. Kuno  Language:
A full and complete course on quantum mechanics and spectroscopy.
Molecular spectroscopy
Author: M. Kuno  Language:
Graduate course for chemistry students.
Atomes et Lumiére Interaction Matiére Rayonnement
Author: Claude Fabre  Language:
Contents: Les Outils de l\'optique quantique; les approches phénoménologiques; L\'approche semi-classique; Description quantique du champ électromagnétique libre; Interaction entre atome et champ qua . . . . .
Non-Stationary Electric and Optical Properties of Bulk Conductin
Author: Yuri Galperin  Language:
Contents: Electrons in a lattice; Classical dc Transport; Electrodynamics in Metals; Acoustical Properties; Optical Properties of Semiconductors; Optical Properties: excitons; Doped Semiconductors.
Optical properties of semiconductors
Author: Jerome Faist  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Introduction to Semiconductors; Light-matter interaction; Optical properties of semiconductors; Bulk semiconductors: bandstructure and fundamental gap; Quantum wells and nanost . . . . .
Optical Properties of Semiconductors
Author: Jerome Faist  Language:
Optical Properties of Semiconductors Contents: Introduction; Introduction to Semiconductors; Light-matter interaction; Optical properties of semiconductors; Bulk semiconductors: bandstructure and fundamental gap; Quantum wells and nanost . . . . .
Optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures: Decoherence versus Quantum Control
Author: Ulrich Hohenester  Language:
Contents: Introduction Motivation and overview; Few-particle states; Optical spectroscopy; Quantum coherence and decoherence; Quantum control; Quantum computation.
Many-body Correlation Effects in the Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Response of Confined Fermi Seas
Author: I.E. Perakis, T.V. Shahbazyan  Language:
The dynamics of electrons and atoms interacting with intense and ultrashort optical pulses presents an important problem in physics that cuts across different materials such as semiconductors and meta . . . . .
Optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures: decoherence versus quantum control
Author: Ulrich Hohenester  Language:
Optical spectroscopy and quantum control of semiconductor quantum dots has become a vivid field of research. The recent progress in both theory and experiment is reviewed, with emphasis on theoretical . . . . .
Optical Physics and Quantum Electronics
Author: R. Victor Jones  Language:
Contents: Classical Electromagnetic Fields; Preliminaries: A Review of Some Basic Concepts and Methods; Rays: The Eikonal Treatment of Geometric Optics; Beams: The Paraxial Wave Equation in Unif . . . . .
Nonlinear electron dynamics in metal clusters
Author: F Calvayrac, PG Reinhard, E Suraud, CA Ullrich  Language:
Recent experimental developments give more and more access to cluster excitations beyond the regime of linear response. Most theoretical descriptions of the induced nonlinear electron dynamics are . . . . .
Application of the Green\'s functions method to the study of the optical properties of semiconductors
Author: G. Strinati  Language:
Application of the Green\'s functions method to the study of the optical properties of semiconductors The relevance of many-body effects, over and above the independent- particle approximation, on the optical properties of semiconductors has been increasingly recognized over the years. Specifically, . . . . .
Theoretical methods in quantum optics: S-matrix and Keldysh techniques for strong-field processes
Author: H. R. Reiss  Language:
This is a resource paper for strong-fields in general. Many fundamentals are presented here in detail, especially for a relativistic formulation. However, the review of the applications is many years . . . . .
Optical excitations in electron microscopy
Author: F. J. Garcia de Abajo  Language:
This review discusses how low-energy, valence excitations created by swift electrons can render information on the optical response of structured materials with unmatched spatial resolution. Electron . . . . .
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of the cuprate superconductors
Author: Andrea Damascelli, Zhi-Xun Shen, Zahid Hussain  Language:
This paper reviews the most recent ARPES results on the cuprate superconductors and their insulating parent and sister compounds, with the purpose of providing an updated summary of the extensive lite . . . . .
Inelastic Light Scattering From Correlated Electrons
Author: T. P. Devereaux, R. Hackl  Language:
Inelastic light scattering is an intensively used tool in the study of electronic properties of solids. Triggered by the discovery of high temperature superconductivity in the cuprates and by new deve . . . . .
Linear Response Theory
Author: Peter Hertel  Language:
Lectures on Theoretical Physics Linear Response Theory Peter Hertel University of Osnabrƒ uck, Germany The theory of linear response to perturbations of the equilibrium state, or linear response . . . . .
Molecular Spectroscopy
Author: Steve Marsden  Language:
Three principal methods of modern spectrographic analysis are to be examined in this experiment: Mass Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and Infra-Red Spectroscopy. Separately, each gives some . . . . .
Spin noise spectroscopy: From proof of the principle to applications
Author: Valerii S. Zapasskii  Language:
More than 30 years ago, the feasibility of detecting magnetic resonance in the Faraday-rotation noise spectrum of transmitted light has been demonstrated experimentally. However, practical application . . . . .
Atomic Spectroscopy
Author:   Language:
Atomic  Spectroscopy Contents: Introduction;Frequency, Wavenumber, Wavelength Atomic States, Shells, and Configurations;Hydrogen and Hydrogen-like Ions Alkalis and Alkali-like Spectra; Helium and Helium-like Ions; LS Coup . . . . .
Author: Geoffrey A. Blake  Language:
Contents: Time-independent perturbation theory, time-dependent perturbation theory; Spectroscopic lineshapes, overview of molecular eigenstates & molecular rotational spectra; Rotation of asymmetric t . . . . .
Single-Molecule Optics
Author: Michel Orrit  Language:
Single-Molecule Optics Contents:Introduction; Optical Microscopy; Excitation and Detection of Fluorescence; Single Molecules in Solution; Immobilized Molecules; Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer; Selected Room-Temper . . . . .
Probes of Condensed Matter
Author: Martin Long  Language:
This course is on the theoretical interpretation of experimental data: what information may be deduced to constrain parameters in theoretical models, and the interpretation of data in terms of respons . . . . .

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