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Laser Physics

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Laser Science and Quantum Information Processing - Laser Physics
Author: Dr Simon Hooker  Language:
Contents: Revision of Basic Laser Physics; Inhomogeneously Broadened Lasers; Solid State Laser Materials; Q-Switching; Modelocking; Ultrafast Lasers; Semiconductor lasers I; Semiconductor lasers II; . . . . .
Lasers and Quantum Optics
Author: Dr. R. Willingale  Language:
Contents:Introduction; Lasers; Types and classes of laser; Optical wave guides - bre optics; Polarization; Optical anisotropy; Induced optical anisotropy; Nonlinear optics; What are photons?.
Radiation and Matter - Basic Laser Physics
Author: Dr Simon Hooker  Language:
Contents: The Interaction of Radiation and Matter; The Optical Gain Cross-Section ; Gain saturation; Solid-State Lasers; Problems; Solutions.
Recent advances in solid-state organic lasers
Author: Sébastien Chenais (LPL), Sebastien Forget (LPL)  Language:
Organic solid-state lasers are reviewed, with a special emphasis on works published during the last decade. Referring originally to dyes in solid-state polymeric matrices, organic lasers also include . . . . .

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