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Artificial Intelligence

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Machine Learning[1]

Handbook of Knowledge Representation
Author: F. van Harmelen, V. Lifschitz, B. Porter  Language:
Contents: General Methods in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning;Classes of Knowledge and Specialized Representations; Knowledge Representation in Applications;
Evolutionary Algorithms
Author:   Language:
Evolutionary Algorithms Evolutionary algorithms are successively applied to wide optimization problems in the engineering, marketing, operations research, and social science, such as include scheduling, genetics, material se . . . . .
Planning Algorithms
Author: S. M. LaValle  Language:
Planning Algorithms The text is written primarily for computer science and engineering students at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. It is also intended as an introduction to recent techniques for . . . . .
Introduction to Neutrosophic Measure, Neutrosophic Integral, and Neutrosophic Probability
Author: Florentin Smarandache  Language:
In this paper, we introduce for the first time the notions of neutrosophic measure and neutrosophic integral, and we develop the 1995 notion of neutrosophic probability. We present many practical exam . . . . .
The Fine-Tuning of the Universe for Intelligent Life
Author: Luke A. Barnes  Language:
The fine-tuning of the universe for intelligent life has received a great deal of attention in recent years, both in the philosophical and scienti c literature. The claim is that in the space of poss . . . . .
An Introduction to Logics of Knowledge and Belief
Author: Hans van Ditmarsch, Joseph Y. Halpern, Wiebe van der Hoek, Bart  Language:
This chapter provides an introduction to some basic concepts of epistemic logic, basic formal languages, their semantics, and proof systems. It also contains an overview of the handbook, and a . . . . .
Introduzione all Intelligenza Artificiale
Author: Fabrizio Riguzzi  Language:
The paper presents an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an accessible and informal but precise form. The paper focuses on the algorithmic aspects of the discipline, presenting the main t . . . . .
Intelligenza artificiale
Author: Luigia Carlucci Aiello e Fiora Pirri  Language:
Un buon libro diviso in 3 parti: nozioni di base di ricorsivitā, calcolabilitā, cos\'č un sistema formale, la logica proposizionale e la logica di primo livello, la deduzione naturale ed automatica, e . . . . .
Information Integration and Computational Logic
Author: Yannis Dimopoulos Antonis Kakas  Language:
Information Integration is a young and exciting field with enormous research and commercial significance in the new world of the Information Society. It stands at the crossroad of Databases and Artifi . . . . .
Computers and Thought: A practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Author: M Sharples David Hogg Chris Hutchison Steve Torrance David Young  Language:
 Computers and Thought: A practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Contents: 1. Towards Artificial Intelligence 2. Performance without Knowledge 3. Stored Knowledge 4. Search 5. Natural Language 6. Reasoning 7. Rule-Based Knowledge 8. Computer Vision 9. AI an . . . . .

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