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Lattice Models

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Hubbard and tJ models[10] Ising Model[2] Kondo Model[4]

Numerical Methods for Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of the Hubbard Model
Author:   Language:
One of the core problems in materials science is how the interactions between electrons in a solid give rise to properties like magnetism, superconductivity, and metal-insulator transitions. Our a . . . . .
Irreducible Green Functions Method and Many-Particle Interacting Systems on a Lattice
Author: A. L. Kuzemsky  Language:
The Green-function technique, termed the irreducible Green functions (IGF) method, that is a certain reformulation of the equation-of motion method for double-time temperature dependent Green function . . . . .
Entanglement in solvable many-particle models
Author: Ingo Peschel  Language:
The five lectures introduce to the description of entanglement in many-particle systems and review the ground-state entanglement features of standard solvable lattice models. This is done using a ther . . . . .
An introduction to effective low-energy Hamiltonians in condensed matter physics and chemistry
Author: B. J. Powell  Language:
These lecture notes introduce some simple effective Hamiltonians (also known as semi-empirical models) that have widespread applications to solid state and molecular systems. They are aimed as an intr . . . . .
Many Body Physics
Author: Martin Long  Language:
This course is on the mathematical techniques of use in studying electron-based many particle problems: Physical examples are used at every available opportunity. Contents: An introduction to Solid-St . . . . .

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