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Nonlinear Optics

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Optique non-lineaire en regimes continu et femtoseconde
Author: Manuel Jo re  Language:
Optique non-lineaire en regimes continu et femtoseconde Le cours est divise en six parties. La premiere partie, intitulee rappels d'optique lineaire , aborde la propagation d'un faisceau lumineux dans le cadre de l'optique lineaire, c'est a dire . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Nonlinear Optics
Author: Fredrik Jonsson  Language:
This course is intended as an introduction to the wide fi eld of phenomena encountered in nonlinear optics. The course covers: The theoretical foundation of nonlinear interaction between light and . . . . .
Non-linear response in extended systems: a real-time approach
Author: Claudio Attaccalite  Language:
In this thesis we present a new formalism to study linear and non-linear response in extended systems. Our approach is based on real-time solution of an effective Schr\"odinger equation. The coup . . . . .
Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics
Author: Sergey A. Ponomarenko  Language:
Contents: Plane waves in linear optical; Beams and pulses in line; Nonlinear optics.
Introduction a l optique non lieaire
Author: F. Bernardot  Language:
Ce cours est une initiation au domaine de l Optique NonLinéaire
Author: Prof. W. UBACHS  Language:
Contents: Non-linear optics: Introduction; Second harmonic generation; The optical parametric oscillator; Quantum theory of the nonlinear susceptibility; Coherent Raman Scattering in Gases; The produ . . . . .
An Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Nonlinear Optics
Author: Mark Hillery  Language:
This article is provides an introduction to the quantum theory of optics in nonlinear dielectric media. We begin with a short summary of the classical theory of nonlinear optics, that is nonlinear opt . . . . .
Theory of Molecular Nonlinear Optics
Author: Mark G. Kuzyk, Kenneth D. Singer, and George I. Stegeman  Language:
The theory of molecular nonlinear optics based on the sum-over-states (SOS) model is reviewed. The interaction of radiation with a single wtpisolated molecule is treated by first-order perturbation th . . . . .
Electromagnetically induced transparency: Optics in coherent media
Author: Fleischhauer, Imamoglu, Marangos  Language:
Coherent preparation by laser light of quantum states of atoms and molecules can lead to quantum interference in the amplitudes of optical transitions. In this way the optical properties of a medium . . . . .

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