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AdS/CFT Duality User Guide
Author: Makoto Natsuume  Language:
This is the draft version of a textbook on "real-world" applications of the AdS/CFT duality for beginning graduate students in particle physics and for researchers in the other fields. The a . . . . .
Scattering Amplitudes
Author: Henriette Elvang, Yu-tin Huang  Language:
The purpose of this review is to bridge the gap between a standard course in quantum field theory and recent fascinating developments in the studies of on-shell scattering amplitudes. We build up the . . . . .
Geometry of 2d topological field theories
Author: Boris Dubrovin  Language:
These lecture notes are devoted to the theory of equations of associativity describing geometry of moduli spaces of 2D topological field theories. Introduction. Lecture 1. WDVV equations and Frobenius . . . . .
Introduction to supergravity
Author: Horatiu Nastase  Language:
These lectures present an introduction to supergravity, and are intended for graduate students with a working knowledge of quantum field theory, including the elementary group theory needed for it, bu . . . . .
Theoretical Aspects of Massive Gravity
Author: Kurt Hinterbichler  Language:
Massive gravity has seen a resurgence of interest due to the recent realization that its traditional problems may be overcome, yielding an avenue for addressing important open questions such as the co . . . . .
Renormalization: an advanced overview
Author: Razvan Gurau, Vincent Rivasseau, Alessandro Sfondrini  Language:
We present several approaches to renormalization in QFT: the multi-scale analysis in perturbative renormalization, the functional methods \`a la Wetterich equation, and the loop-vertex expansion in no . . . . .
Chern-Simons Modified General Relativity
Author: Stephon Alexander, Nicolas Yunes  Language:
Chern-Simons modified gravity is an effective extension of general relativity that captures leading-order, gravitational parity violation. Such an effective theory is motivated by anomaly cancelation . . . . .
Lectures on non-perturbative effects in large N gauge theories, matrix models and strings
Author: Marcos Marino  Language:
In these lectures I present a review of non-perturbative instanton effects in quantum theories, with a focus on large N gauge theories and matrix models. I first consider the structure of these effect . . . . .
Making Sense of Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians
Author: Carl M. Bender  Language:
The Hamiltonian H specifies the energy levels and time evolution of a quantum theory. A standard axiom of quantum mechanics requires that H be Hermitian because Hermiticity guarantees that the energy . . . . .
Superconformal mechanics
Author: Sergey Fedoruk, Evgeny Ivanov, Olaf Lechtenfeld  Language:
We survey the salient features and problems of conformal and superconformal mechanics and portray some of its developments over the past decade. Both classical and quantum issues of single- and multip . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Topological Field Theory
Author: Jian Qiu  Language:
These notes are based on the lecture the author gave at the workshop 'Geometry of Strings and Fields' held at Nordita, Stockholm. In these notes, I shall cover some topics in both the perturbative and . . . . .
An introduction to universality and renormalization group techniques
Author: Alessandro Sfondrini  Language:
These lecture notes have been written for a short introductory course on universality and renormalization group techniques given at the VIII Modave School in Mathematical Physics by the author, intend . . . . .
Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence
Author: Alfonso V. Ramallo  Language:
This is a pedagogical introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence, based on lectures delivered by the author at the third IDPASC school. Starting with the conceptual basis of the holographic dualities, . . . . .
M-Theory and Maximally Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
Author: Neil Lambert  Language:
In this informal review for non-specalists we discuss the construction of maximally supersymmetric gauge theories that arise on the worldvolumes branes in String Theory and M-Theory. Particular fo . . . . .
A Primer on Functional Methods and the Schwinger-Dyson Equations
Author: Eric S. Swanson  Language:
An elementary introduction to functional methods and the Schwinger-Dyson equations is presented. Emphasis is placed on practical topics not normally covered in textbooks, such as a diagrammatic method . . . . .
The Renormalization Group in Nuclear Physics
Author: R.J. Furnstahl  Language:
Modern techniques of the renormalization group (RG) combined with effective field theory (EFT) methods are revolutionizing nuclear many-body physics. In these lectures we will explore the motivati . . . . .
Introduction to Magnetic Monopoles
Author: Arttu Rajantie  Language:
One of the most basic properties of magnetism is that a magnet always has two poles, north and south, which cannot be separated into isolated poles, i.e., magnetic monopoles. However, there are strong . . . . .
Higgs Physics: Theory
Author: Abdelhak Djouadi  Language:
I review the theoretical aspects of the physics of Higgs bosons, focusing on the elements that are relevant for the production and detection at present hadron colliders. After briefly summarizing the . . . . .

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