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Analogue electronics[1] Digital electronics[1] Electronic filter[1]

Lessons In Electric Circuits
Author: Tony R. Kuphaldt  Language:
Lessons in Electric Circuits was compiled from years of lecture notes and ideas, with the primary goal was to put readable, high-quality information of industrial electronics into the hands of student . . . . .
Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components
Author: Faculty of Engineering  Language:
Contents: 1. Basic Semiconductor Physics and Technology 2. The pn Junction 3. Power Switching Devices and their Static Electrical Characteristics 4. Electrical Ratings and Characteristics of Power . . . . .
Elettronica I (diploma in ingegneria )
Author: Gianluca Piccinini  Language:
Dispense di elettronica del corso di diploma in ingegneria automatica ed informatica ci si trovano: funzioni di trasferimento e diagrammi di Bode di reti RLC, diodo a giunzione, transistore bipolare , . . . . .
Elettronica I
Author: Edoardo Milotti  Language:
Dispense del corso d\\\'ingegneria informatica, trattano di: introduzione ai semiconduttori, amplificatori a transistor, amplificatori operazionali, sensori, linee di trasmissione, ADC
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Circuits and Signals
Author: Todd K. Moon  Language:
Teory of circuits and signals, contents: Introduction, Motivation, and Review; Second Order Systems;Systems of Differential Equations and State-Space Representations; Zero-Input Solution of Di . . . . .

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