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Standard Model

High Energy Physics -> Standard ModelSearch on Amazon

Beyond the Standard Model
Author: Bert SCHELLEKENS  Language:
Beyond the Standard Model.
Collider Physics within the Standard Model: a Primer
Author: Guido Altarelli  Language:
The first LHC results at 7-8 TeV, with the discovery of a candidate Higgs boson and the non observation of new particles or exotic phenomena, have made a big step towards completing the experimen . . . . .
Author: Thomas Teubner  Language:
Contents: 1 QED as an Abelian Gauge Theory; 2 Non-Abelian Gauge Theories; 3 Quantum Chromodynamics 4 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking 5 The Standard Model with one Family 6 Additional Generations 7 Neutr . . . . .
Introduction to the Standard Model and Electroweak Physics
Author: Paul Langacker  Language:
A concise introduction is given to the standard model, including the structure of the QCD and electroweak Lagrangians, spontaneous symmetry breaking, experimental tests, and problems.
Standard Model: An Introduction
Author: S. F. Novaes  Language:
They present a primer on the Standard Model of the electroweak interaction. Emphasis is given to the historical aspects of the theory\\\'s formulation.(101 pages)

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