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Quantum Information Theory

Quantum Mechanics -> Quantum Information TheorySearch on Amazon

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Computer Science -> ... -> Information Theory
Mathematics -> ... -> Quantum Information Theory

Lecture Notes on Quantum Information Theory
Author: John Preskill   Language:
Contents: Introduction and Overview; Foundations of Quantum Theory I: States and Ensembles; Foundations of Quantum Theory II: Measurement and Evolution; Quantum Entanglement; Quantum Information Theo . . . . .
Quantum Information and computation
Author: John Preskill  Language:
Contents: Introduction and overview; fondation I states and ensambles; measurment and evolution; quantum entanglement; quantum information theory; quantum computation.
Bibliographic guide to the foundations of quantum mechanics
Author: Adan Cabello  Language:
This is a collection of references (papers, books, preprints, book reviews, Ph. D. thesis, patents, web sites, etc.), sorted alphabetically and (some of them) classified by subject, on foundations of . . . . .
Quantum Computation
Author: John Watrous  Language:
Contents: Introductory remarks; overview of quantum information; Superdense coding, quantum circuits, and partial measurements; Quantum Teleportation; Deutsch’s Algorithm; A simple searching algorithm . . . . .
Theory of Quantum Information
Author: John Watrous  Language:
The focus of this course will be on the mathematical theory of quantum information. We will begin with a development of basic principles and methods for reasoning about quantum information, and then . . . . .
Gaussian states in continuous variable quantum information
Author: Alessandro Ferraro, Stefano Olivares, Matteo G.  Language:
These notes originated out of a set of lectures in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information given by one of us (MGAP) at the University of Napoli and the University of Milano. A quite broad set of issue . . . . .
Quantum Information Theory
Author: Renato Renner  Language:
The course starts with a quick introduction to classical probability and information theory. Many of the relevant concepts, e.g., the notion of entropy as a measure of uncertainty, can already be de . . . . .
Quantum channels and their entropic characteristics
Author: A. S. Holevo, V. Giovannetti  Language:
One of the major achievements of the recently emerged quantum information theory is the introduction and thorough investigation of the notion of quantum channel which is a basic building block of any . . . . .
Theory of solid state quantum information processing
Author: Guido Burkard  Language:
Recent theoretical work on solid-state proposals for the implementation of quantum computation and quantum information processing is reviewed. The differences and similarities between microscopic and . . . . .
Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Information Theory
Author: Christopher G Timpson  Language:
Quantum information theory represents a rich subject of discussion for those interested in the philosphical and foundational issues surrounding quantum mechanics for a simple reason: one can cast its . . . . .
Introduction to decoherence theory
Author: Klaus Hornberger  Language:
This is an introduction to the theory of decoherence with an emphasis on its microscopic origins and its dynamic description. It is based on a lecture course given at the "International summer school . . . . .
Basic Concepts in Quantum Information
Author: S. M. Girvin  Language:
In the last 25 years a new understanding has evolved of the role of information in quantum mechanics. At the same time there has been tremendous progress in atomic/optical physics and condensed matter . . . . .
Introducing categories to the practicing physicist
Author: Bob Coecke  Language:
We argue that category theory should become a part of the daily practice of the physicist, and more specific, the quantum physicist and/or informatician. The reason for this is not that category theor . . . . .
Introduction to Coherent States and Quantum Information Theory
Author: Kazuyuki Fujii  Language:
The purpose of this paper is to introduce several basic theorems of coherent states and generalized coherent states based on Lie algebras su(2) and su(1,1), and to give some applications of them to qu . . . . .
Introduction to NMR Quantum Information Processing
Author: -  Language:
After a general introduction to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), they give the basics of implementing quantum algorithms.
Tutorial: Quantum Information & Cold Atoms
Author: Peter Zoller  Language:
Cold atoms as tool in quantum information.

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