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Algebraic Geometry

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Abelian Varieties[4] Deformation theory[1]

Classical Algebraic Geometry: a modern view
Author: IGOR V. DOLGACHEV  Language:
Contents: Polarity; Conics and quadric surfaces; Plane cubics; Determinantal equations; Theta characteristics; Plane Quartics; Cremona transformations; Del Pezzo surfaces; Cubic surfaces; Geometry of . . . . .
Noncommutative Geometry
Author: Alain Connes  Language:
The correspondence between geometric spaces and commutative algebras is a familiar and basic idea of algebraic geometry. The purpose of this book is to extend this correspondence to the noncommutati . . . . .
Complex analytic and algebraic geometry
Author: Jean-Pierre Demailly  Language:
Contents: Basic concepts of complex geometry; coherent shaeves and complex analytic spaces; positive currents and potential theory; sheaf cohomology and spectral sequences; hermitial vector bundles; h . . . . .
Algebraic and Geometric Surgery
Author: ANDREW RANICKI  Language:
This book aims to be an entry point to surgery theory for a reader who already has some background in topology. Familiarity with a book such as Bredon [10] or Hatcher [31] is helpful but not essen . . . . .
Topics in Classical Algebraic Geometry
Author: Igor V. Dolgachev  Language:
Contents: Polarity; Conics; Plane cubics; Determinantal equations; Determinantal equations; Plane Quartics; Planar Cremona transformations; Del Pezzo surfaces; Cubic surfaces; Automorphisms of Del Pez . . . . .
Revętements étales et groupe fondamental
Author: Alexander Grothendieck (IHES, Bures), Michele Ra  Language:
Le texte pr\\\'esente les fondements d\'une th\\\'eorie du groupe fondamental en G\\\'eom\\\'etrie Alg\\\'ebrique, dans le point de vue ``kroneckerien\'\' permettant de traiter sur le m\\^eme pied le . . . . .
Quasi-projective Moduli for Polarized Manifolds
Author: Eckart Viehweg  Language:
This book discusses two subjects of quite different nature: Construction methods for quotients of quasi-projective schemes by group actions or by equivalence relations and properties of direct images . . . . .
Geometric Topology: Localization, Periodicity and Galois Symmetry
Author: ANDREW RANICKI  Language:
Determinantal rings
Author: Winfried Bruns, Udo Vetter  Language:
Contents: Preliminaries; Ideals of Maximal Minors; Generically Perfect Ideals ; Algebras with Straightening Law on Posets of Minors; The Structure of an ASL; 6.Integrity and Normality. The Singular L . . . . .
Algebraic Geometry
Author: J. S. Milne  Language:
These notes are an introduction to the theory of algebraic varieties. In contrast to most such accounts they study abstract algebraic varieties, and not just subvarieties of affine and projective sp . . . . .
Lectures on Expansion Techniques In Algebraic Geometry
Author: Balwant Singh  Language:
These notes are based upon my lectures at the Tata Institute from Novem- ber 1975 to March 1976 and further oral communication between me and the note taker. The notes are divided into two parts. I . . . . .
Introduction to Algebric Geometry
Author: Igor V. Dolgachev  Language:
Contents: systems of algebric equations; affine algebric sets; morphisms of affine algebric varieties; irriducible algebraic sets and rational functions; projective algebric varieties; Bezout's theor . . . . .
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Author: Yuriy Drozd  Language:
Contents: Affine Varieties; Projective and Abstract Varieties; Dimension Theory; Regular and singular points; Intersection theory.
Lectures on birational geometry
Author: Caucher Birkar  Language:
Lecture notes of a course on birational geometry (taught at College de France, Winter 2011, with the support of Fondation Sciences Math\'ematiques de Paris). Topics covered: introduction into the subj . . . . .
Brief introduction to tropical geometry
Author: Erwan Brugallé, Ilia Itenberg, Grigory Mikhalkin, Kristin Shaw  Language:
The paper consists of lecture notes for a mini-course given by the authors at the G\"okova Geometry \& Topology conference in May 2014. We start the exposition with tropical curves in the pla . . . . .
Algebraic Curves
Author: Robert F. Coleman  Language:
Algebraic Curves lecture notes.
Resolution of Singularities
Author: János Kollár (Princeton Univ)  Language:
These are the notes for my lecture ``Resolution of Sigularities in Charcteristic 0" given at the AMS Summer Institute at Seattle. It gives a self contained proof of the strong Hironaka resolution theo . . . . .
Geometric Complexity Theory: an introduction for geometers
Author: J.M. Landsberg  Language:
This is survey of recent developments in, and a tutorial on, the approach to P v. NP and related questions called Geometric Complexity Theory (GCT). The article is written to be accessible to graduat . . . . .
Algebraic geometry and projective differential geometry
Author: Joseph M. Landsberg  Language:
In this lectures are discussed: Homogeneous varieties, Topology and consequences Projective differential invariants, Varieties with degenerate Gauss images, When can a uniruled variety be smooth?, Dua . . . . .
An introduction to the theory of p-adic representations
Author: Laurent Berger  Language:
The purpose of this informal article is to introduce the reader to some of the objects and methods of the theory of p-adic representations.
Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry
Author:   Language:
Contents: Lectures on Moduli of Principal G-Bundles Over Algebraic Curves; Hilbert Schemes of Points and Heisenberg Algebras; Donaldson Invariants in Algebraic Geometry; Holomorphic Bundles Over El . . . . .
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Author: Ravi Vakil  Language:
The description in the course guide: "Introduces the basic notions and techniques of modern algebraic geometry. Algebraic sets, Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and varieties over algebraically closed fields . . . . .

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