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Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: Theory and Implementation
Category :Molecular Dynamics  Language: clicks: 4856
The rapidly growing field of ab initio molecular dynamics is reviewed in the of a series of lectures. Several such molecular dynamics schemes are compared which arise from following various approx . . . . .
Elements of Linear and Real Analysis
Category :Analysis  Language: clicks: 4829
This is a kind of introduction to some basic topics in analysis, some of which would be covered in standard graduate courses, and some not.160 pages.
Topics in Differential Geometry
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 4811
Contents: Manifolds and Vector Fields; Lie Groups; Differential Forms and De Rham Cohomology; Riemannian Geometry; Bundles and Connections; Symplectic Geometry and Hamiltonian Mechanics.
Differentiable Manifolds
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 4783
Contents: Introduction; Manifolds; Tangent vectors and cotangent vectors; Vector fields; Tensor products; Differential forms; Integration of forms; The degree of a smooth map; Riemannian metrics; appe . . . . .
Strongly correlated superconductivity
Category :High-Tc Superconductivity  Language: clicks: 4779
Band theory and BCS theory are arguably the most successful theories of condensed matter physics. Yet, in a number of materials, in particular the high-temperature superconductors and the layered orga . . . . .
Practical Guide to Monte Carlo
Category :Monte Carlo  Language: clicks: 4765
I show how to construct Monte Carlo algorithms (programs), prove that they are correct and document them. Complicated algorithms are build using a handful of elementary methods. This construction proc . . . . .
Lecture notes for the course in Differential Geometry
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 4758
Mostly they constitute a collection of definitions, formulations of most important theorems and related problems for self-control.
Introduction to the Diffusion Monte Carlo Method
Category :Quantum Monte Carlo  Language: clicks: 4755
A self-contained and tutorial presentation of the diffusion Monte Carlo method for determining the ground state energy and wave function of quantum systems is provided. First, the theoretical basis of . . . . .
Lectures in Mathematical Statistics
Category :Statistics  Language: clicks: 4750
Contents: Sets and Boolean Algebra; The Binomial Distribution; The Multinomial Distribution; The Poisson Distribution; The Binomial Moment Generating Function; The Normal Moment Generating Function; . . . . .
Multivariable Calculus
Category :Calculus  Language: clicks: 4748
This is a textbook for a course in multivariable calculus. It has been used for the past few years here at Georgia Tech. Contents: Euclidean Three Space; Vectors--Algebra and Geometry; Vector Functio . . . . .
Fortran 90 and Computational Science
Category :Fortran90  Language: clicks: 4728
A good electronic book about Fortran 90 and scientific programming: Numerical Robustness; Data Parallelism.
Introduction to Queueing Theory
Category :Queueing Theory  Language: clicks: 4724
Introduction to Queueing Theory This classic book on Queueing Theory is available on line through Robert Cooper's home page.
Numerical Recipes in C
Category :C  Language: clicks: 4720
Numerical Recipes in C The new and greatly expanded second edition of the highly popular Numerical Recipes in C features over 100 new routines and upgraded versions of the original routines. The book remains the most practi . . . . .
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 4718
These are lecture notes of an introductionary course on General Relativity done in the years 1998-2003 in the framework of the ICTP Diploma Course.
Differential Geometry
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 4711
Basic Structures on Rn; Curvatures of a Curve; 3D Curves - Curves on Hypersurfaces; Hypersurfaces; Surfaces in the 3-dimensional space; Surfaces in the 3-dimensional space; The Lie Algebra of Vector . . . . .

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