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Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 5058
Contents: Introduction; Special Relativity and Flat Spacetime; Manifolds; Curvature; Gravitation; More Geometry; Weak Fields and Gravitational Radiation; The Schwarzschild Solution and Black Holes; Co . . . . .
Green's functions for solving differential equations, in non-boundary value problems in optics and in quantum transport
Category :Transport  Language: clicks: 5009
Green's functions for solving differential equations, in non-boundary value problems in near-field optics and in quantum transport through point contacts. This introduction to Green's functions is ba . . . . .
Classical Electromagnetism
Category :Electricity and Megnetism  Language: clicks: 5003
Contents: Introduction; Relativity and electromagetism; Dielectric and magnetic media; Electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectrics; Radiation and scattering; Resonant cavities and wave-guides; M . . . . .
Solid State II
Category :Solid State Physics  Language: clicks: 4984
Contents: Second Quantization; Electron-electron interactions; Magnetism; Electron-phonon interaction; Superconductivity; Quantum transport.
Geometric Optics
Category :Optics  Language: clicks: 4938
Contents: Reflection and Refraction; Lens and Mirror Calculations; Optical Instruments.
Neutrinos and the stars
Category :Astrophysics of stars  Language: clicks: 4886
The role of neutrinos in stars is introduced for students with little prior astrophysical exposure. We begin with neutrinos as an energy-loss channel in ordinary stars and conversely, how stars provid . . . . .
Introduction to relativistic astrophysics and cosmology
Category :Astrophysics  Language: clicks: 4879
The basics of the relativistic astrophysics including the celestial mechanics in weak field, black holes and cosmological models are illustrated and analyzed by means of Maple 6, 124 pages.
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Category :Quatum Field Theory  Language: clicks: 4815
The author tried to give a reasonably connected outline of part of QFT, from second quantization to the path-integral technique in Euclidean space, where there is an immediate connection with the rule . . . . .
Numerical Simulations in Cosmology I
Category :Computational Physics  Language: clicks: 4791
This lecture gives a short introduction to different methods used in cosmology. The focus is on major features of N-body simulations: equations, main numerical techniques, effects of resolution, and m . . . . .
Monte Carlo: Basics
Category :Monte Carlo  Language: clicks: 4783
An introduction to the basics of Monte Carlo is given. The topics covered include, sample space, events, probabilities, random variables, mean, variance, covariance, characteristic function, chebyshev . . . . .
Classical Mechanics
Category :Advanced Mechanics  Language: clicks: 4762
Contents: The calculus of variations & Euler{Lagrange equations; principle of least action; equations of motion in strange coordinates; rigid-body dynamics; motion in an electromagnetic ¯eld; applica . . . . .
Introduction to plasma physics
Category :Plasma Physics  Language: clicks: 4741
Contents: Basic definitions and parameters; Plasma description; MHD equilibria and waves; MHD discontinuities; Two-fluid description; Waves in dispersive media; Waves in two-fluid hydrodynamics; Kinet . . . . .
Mécanique classique II
Category :Mechanics  Language: clicks: 4687
Mécanique classique II Cet ouvrage contient l'essentiel du matériel couvert dans le cours de Mécanique classique II (PHY-10492) offert aux étudiants de deuxième année du B.Sc. au Département de physique de l'Universi . . . . .
Category :Thermodynamics  Language: clicks: 4681
Thermodynamique Cet ouvrage contient l'essentiel du matériel couvert dans le cadre du cours de thermodynamique PHY-20911 qui était offert aux étudiants du B.Sc. au Département de physique de l'Université Laval.
Laser Science and Quantum Information Processing - Laser Physics
Category :Laser Physics  Language: clicks: 4679
Contents: Revision of Basic Laser Physics; Inhomogeneously Broadened Lasers; Solid State Laser Materials; Q-Switching; Modelocking; Ultrafast Lasers; Semiconductor lasers I; Semiconductor lasers II; . . . . .

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