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Neutral and Charged Polymers at Interfaces
Category :Polymers  Language: clicks: 17
Chain-like macromolecules (polymers) show characteristic adsorption properties due to their flexibility and internal degrees of freedom, when attracted to surfaces and interfaces. In this review we di . . . . .
Spin-Glass Theory for Pedestrians
Category :Spin Glasses  Language: clicks: 19
In these notes the main theoretical concepts and techniques in the field of mean-field spin-glasses are reviewed in a compact and pedagogical way, for the benefit of the graduate and undergraduate stu . . . . .
Mathematical methods for physicists: A concise introduction
Category :Methods of Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 35
Mathematical methods for physicists: A concise introduction This text is designed for an intermediate-level, two-semester undergraduate course in mathematical physics. It provides an accessible account of most of the current, important mathematical tools req . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Category :Quantum Mechanics  Language: clicks: 44
Contents: Lagrangian Mechanics; Path Integral Formulation of Quantum Mechanics; Schroedinger Equation; Quantum Harmonic Oscillator; Triangular Quantum Billiards; Stationary States in x^4 Potential; An . . . . .
Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW Method for the Spectral Properties of Complex Materials
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 45
The GWapproximation to the formally exact many-body perturbation theory has been applied successfully to materials for several decades. Since the practical calculations are extremely cumbersome, the . . . . .
Selected solutions of Einstein's field equations
Category :General Relativity  Language: clicks: 52
Contents: 1) Introduction and a few excursions 2) The Schwarzschild solution 3) The Reissner- Nordstrom solution 4) The Kerr metric 5) Black hole uniqueness and multi-black hole solutions 6) Stati . . . . .
Theory of Molecular Nonlinear Optics
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 52
The theory of molecular nonlinear optics based on the sum-over-states (SOS) model is reviewed. The interaction of radiation with a single wtpisolated molecule is treated by first-order perturbation th . . . . .
Introduction a l optique non lieaire
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 54
Ce cours est une initiation au domaine de l Optique NonLinéaire
Lecture Notes on Nonlinear Optics
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 54
This course is intended as an introduction to the wide fi eld of phenomena encountered in nonlinear optics. The course covers: The theoretical foundation of nonlinear interaction between light and . . . . .
Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 55
Contents: Plane waves in linear optical; Beams and pulses in line; Nonlinear optics.
Optique non-lineaire en regimes continu et femtoseconde
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 60
Optique non-lineaire en regimes continu et femtoseconde Le cours est divise en six parties. La premiere partie, intitulee rappels d'optique lineaire , aborde la propagation d'un faisceau lumineux dans le cadre de l'optique lineaire, c'est a dire . . . . .
The GW method
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 61
Calculations of ground-state and excited-state properties of materials have been one of the major goals of condensed matter physics. Ground-state properties of solids have been extensively investigate . . . . .
Computer simulation methods in chemistry and physics.
Category :Molecular Dynamics  Language: clicks: 61
Contents: Solving integrals using random numbers; Calculating thermodynamic properties with Monte Carlo; More Advanced methods; basic molecular dynamics algorithm; probing static properties of soli . . . . .
The Elements of Mechanics
Category :Advanced Mechanics  Language: clicks: 61
In my opinion the best book of mechanics I never read. Contents: Phenomenic Reality and models;Qualitative Aspects of One-Dimensional Motion; Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom. Theory of the cons . . . . .
Many-Body Perturbation Theory: The GW Approximation
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 61
In this lecture we present many-body perturbation theory as a method to determine quasiparticle excitations in solids, especially electronic band structures, accurately from first principles. The main . . . . .

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