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A Course in Universal Algebra
Category : Algebra  Language: clicks: 8
To promote the study of Universal Algebra in the new millennium, the text of the out-of-print original Springer-Verlag Graduate Texts in Mathematics edition, 1981, of A Course in Universal Algebra has . . . . .
Game Theory (Open Access textbook with 165 solved exercises)
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 9
This is an Open Access textbook on non-cooperative Game Theory with 165 solved exercises.
Random-Field Ising Models of Hysteresis
Category :Ising Model  Language: clicks: 11
This is a review article of our work on hysteresis, avalanches, and criticality. We provide an extensive introduction to scaling and renormalization--group ideas, and discuss analytical and numerical . . . . .
Banach modules and functors on categories of Banach spaces
Category :Banach space  Language: clicks: 11
Banach modules and functors on categories of Banach spaces. Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics 46, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York, Basel, (1979).
The Physics of Neutrinos
Category :Particle Physics  Language: clicks: 14
These lecture notes are based on a course given at Institut de Physique Th'eorique of CEA/Saclay in January/February 2013.
MIT Guide to Lock Picking
Category :Lock Picking  Language: clicks: 15
Contents: 1 It's Easy; 2 How a Key Opens a Lock; 3 The Flatland Model; 4 Basic Picking & The Binding Defect; 5 The Pin Column Model; 6 Basic Scrubbing; 7 Advanced Lock Picking; 8 Exercises; 9 Recogni . . . . .
The ABC of DFT
Category :Density Functional Theory  Language: clicks: 16
A very good book about DFT. It should be particularly useful for users, who wish to understand the fundamental theory in a little more depth, in order to make intelligent decisions about which calcula . . . . .
Lecture notes on functional analysis
Category :Functional Analysis  Language: clicks: 17
Contents: Vector spaces and their topology; Linear Operators and Functionals ; Fundamental Theorems; Weak Topologies; Compact Operators and their Spectra; Introduction to General Spectral Theory.
Semiconductor Spintronics
Category :Spintronics  Language: clicks: 18
Spintronics refers commonly to phenomena in which the spin of electrons in a solid state environment plays the determining role. In a more narrow sense spintronics is an emerging research field of ele . . . . .
Differential Topology
Category :Differential Topology  Language: clicks: 19
These notes are based on a seminar held in Cambridge 1960-61. In writing up, it has seemed desirable to elaborate the roundations considerably beyond the point rrom which the lectures started, and . . . . .
Molecular orbital theory
Category :Chemistry  Language: clicks: 20
These notes are based on lectures on molecular orbital theory that we have presented at the University of Copenhagen and Columbia University. They were designed primarily for advanced-undergraduate an . . . . .
Introductory Quantum Chemistry
Category :Quantum Chemistry  Language: clicks: 21
Contents: Quantum mechanics, atoms, Hartree-Fock, molecules.
Category :Electrotechnics  Language: clicks: 21
Contents: Les grandeurs ´electriques; Les dipˆoles ´electriques; R´egime transitoire (´equations diff´erentielles); Le r´egime sinuso¨ıdal monophase; Lois des reseaux ´electriques; Le regime sinu . . . . .
The TeXBook
Category :TeX  Language: clicks: 22
The complete guide to TeX writing and programming.
Strategic Foundations of General Equilibrium: Dynamic Matching and Bargaining Games
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 22
Contents: Markets and Games; Perfect Competition; Continuity; Bounded Rationality; Afterthoughts.

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