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Introduction to Programming Using Java
Category :Java  Language: clicks: 4
Introduction to Programming Using Java Using the Java language, this book introduces the beginning computer science student to the concepts of class, object, and message in the first chapter. This object-oriented approach is used throughou . . . . .
Practical PHP Programming
Category :Php  Language: clicks: 5
This book has been written with the goal of making the task of learning PHP something fun. It contains lots of information for newcomers as well as information on advanced functionality in PHP for vet . . . . .
NS Simulator Course for Beginners
Category :Networks  Language: clicks: 9
Contents: Introduction; ns Simulator Preliminaries; How to work with trace files; Description and simulation of TCP/IP; Routing and network dynamics; RED: Random Early Discard; Differentiated Service . . . . .
Notes for a Course in Game Theory
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 9
Contents: Choice Under Uncertainty; Correlated Equilibria in Static Games; Nash Equilibria in Static Games; Extensive Form Games: The Basics and Dominance Arguments; Mathematics for Game Theory; Repea . . . . .
Imaging the Earth\'s Interior
Category :Geophysics  Language: clicks: 11
Imaging the Earth's Interior (IEI), 1985, 300 pages, out of print but here now! You have your choice between scanned .pdf files of the original published book or an electronic revision that is a . . . . .
Bash Guide for Beginners
Category :Shell Programming  Language: clicks: 11
Contents: Introduction; Chapter 1. Bash and Bash scripts; Chapter 2. Writing and debugging scripts; Chapter 3. The Bash environment; Chapter 4. Regular expressions; Chapter 5. The GNU sed stream edito . . . . .
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
Category :Monte Carlo  Language: clicks: 12
A brief introduction to the technique of Monte Carlo simulations in statistical physics is presented. The topics covered include statistical ensembles random and pseudo random numbers, random sampling . . . . .
Games, Fixed Points and Mathematical Economics
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 12
Contents: Games; Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem and Nash’s Equilibrium Theorem; More general Equilibrium Theorems; Cooperative Games; Differential Games.
Aging by Design
Category :Gerontology  Language: clicks: 12
Aging by Design Contents: Introduction; Ages of Man – Human Mortality; A Brief Summary of Aging Theories; The Evolution of Aging; Medawar’s Modification to Darwin’s Theory; Williams’ Modification to Darwin’s Theor . . . . .
Aleatoire: Introduction à la théorie et au calcul des probabilités
Category :Probability Theory  Language: clicks: 12
Table de matière: Introduction; space de probabilité; Espace fini ou dénombrable; Variables aléatoires réelles et Vecteurs aléatoires; Convergences et loi des grands nombres; Fonctions caractéristique . . . . .
Category :Thermodynamics  Language: clicks: 12
English translation of the Thermodynamics book of Professor Planck.
An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R
Category :Statistical Learning Theory  Language: clicks: 13
An Introduction  to Statistical  Learning: with Applications in R One of the first books in this area— The Elements of Statistical Learning (ESL) (Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman)—was published in 2001, with a second edition in 2009. ESL has become a popular tex . . . . .
Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0
Category :Php  Language: clicks: 14
A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 addresses experienced programmers and Web developers--no matter what language they are familiar with.
Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General
Category :Psychiatry  Language: clicks: 14
Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General 485 pages.
The Physical Basis Of Music
Category :The Physics Of Music  Language: clicks: 14
Contents: Preface; Defining Our Goals; Origins Of Musical Instruments; Development Of The Piano; Background Of Our Study; Mechanical Facts Of Piano Playing; Physiology Of Piano Playing; Mozart And Bee . . . . .

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