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Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I
Category :Methods of Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 1
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I Contents: Calculus of Variations; Ordinary differential equations; Partial Differential equations; Integral Equations.
Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW Method for the Spectral Properties of Complex Materials
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 1
The GWapproximation to the formally exact many-body perturbation theory has been applied successfully to materials for several decades. Since the practical calculations are extremely cumbersome, the . . . . .
Mastering Bitcoin
Category :Bitcoin  Language: clicks: 3
Table of Contents: introduction; How Bitcoin Works; The Bitcoin Client; Keys, Addresses, Wallets; Transactions; The Bitcoin Network; Mining and Consensus.
Introduction to Tractability and Approximability of Optimization
Category :Optimization  Language: clicks: 4
Contents: Introduction; tractable problems; maximum flow; graph matching; linear programming; which problem are not tractable?; approximable problems; fully polynomial table time approximations scheme . . . . .
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 5
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Exactly Solved Models in Statistical mechanics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 5
Exactly Solved Models in Statistical mechanics Rodney Baxter\'s classic book has been cited over 2,500 times. The book is officially out of print. Contents: basic statistical mechanics; the one-dimensional Ising model; the mean field theory; Isi . . . . .
Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
Category :QCD  Language: clicks: 5
The real-world properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the strongly-interacting piece of the Standard Model - are dominated by two emergent phenomena: confinement; namely, the theory's elemen . . . . .
A guided tour of time-dependent density functional theory
Category :TDDFT  Language: clicks: 9
In this paper the review progress in the density functional theory of time dependent phenomena. Contents: Introduction; fundamentals; exact conditions; linear response; approximated functionals; appli . . . . .
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: C plus plus version
Category :C++  Language: clicks: 9
The goal of this book is to teach you to think like a computer scientist. I like the way computer scientists think because they combine some of the best features of Mathematics, Engineering, and Natur . . . . .
A geometrical introduction to screw theory
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 11
Since the addition of applied forces must take into account the line of action, applied forces do not belong to a vector space. Screw theory removes this geometrical limitation and solves other me . . . . .
Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0
Category :Php  Language: clicks: 15
A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 addresses experienced programmers and Web developers--no matter what language they are familiar with.
An Introduction to QFT, QED and QCD
Category :Quantum Electrodynamics  Language: clicks: 15
Introduzione alla teoria quantistica dei campi e all\'elettrodinamica quantistica.
Introduction to quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics.
Lecture Notes on Semiconductor Spintronics
Category :Spintronics  Language: clicks: 15
These informal lecture notes describe the progress in semiconductor spintronics in a historic perspective as well as in a comparison to achievements of spintronics of ferromagnetic metals. After outli . . . . .
Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components
Category :Electronics  Language: clicks: 16
Contents: 1. Basic Semiconductor Physics and Technology 2. The pn Junction 3. Power Switching Devices and their Static Electrical Characteristics 4. Electrical Ratings and Characteristics of Power . . . . .
Evolutionary games on graphs
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 18
Game theory is one of the key paradigms behind many scientific disciplines from biology to behavioral sciences to economics. In its evolutionary form and especially when the interacting agents are lin . . . . .

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