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Room-Temperature Superconductivity
Category :High-Tc Superconductivity  Language: clicks: 2
Room-Temperature Superconductivity This is the first book on the subject of room-temperature superconductivity. The main purpose of the book is twofold. First, to show that, under suitable conditions, superconductivity can occur above . . . . .
Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW Method for the Spectral Properties of Complex Materials
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 4
The GWapproximation to the formally exact many-body perturbation theory has been applied successfully to materials for several decades. Since the practical calculations are extremely cumbersome, the . . . . .
Non-linear response in extended systems: a real-time approach
Category :Nonlinear Optics  Language: clicks: 7
In this thesis we present a new formalism to study linear and non-linear response in extended systems. Our approach is based on real-time solution of an effective Schr"odinger equation. The coup . . . . .
Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations
Category :QCD  Language: clicks: 8
The real-world properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the strongly-interacting piece of the Standard Model - are dominated by two emergent phenomena: confinement; namely, the theory's elemen . . . . .
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Category :Many body  Language: clicks: 9
Quantum Theory of Large Systems of Non-Relativistic Matter
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I
Category :Methods of Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 9
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I Contents: Calculus of Variations; Ordinary differential equations; Partial Differential equations; Integral Equations.
A guided tour of time-dependent density functional theory
Category :TDDFT  Language: clicks: 12
In this paper the review progress in the density functional theory of time dependent phenomena. Contents: Introduction; fundamentals; exact conditions; linear response; approximated functionals; appli . . . . .
A geometrical introduction to screw theory
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 15
Since the addition of applied forces must take into account the line of action, applied forces do not belong to a vector space. Screw theory removes this geometrical limitation and solves other me . . . . .
Exactly Solved Models in Statistical mechanics
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 16
Exactly Solved Models in Statistical mechanics Rodney Baxter\'s classic book has been cited over 2,500 times. The book is officially out of print. Contents: basic statistical mechanics; the one-dimensional Ising model; the mean field theory; Isi . . . . .
An Introduction to QFT, QED and QCD
Category :Quantum Electrodynamics  Language: clicks: 20
Introduzione alla teoria quantistica dei campi e all\'elettrodinamica quantistica.
Introduction to quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics.
Lecture Notes on Semiconductor Spintronics
Category :Spintronics  Language: clicks: 20
These informal lecture notes describe the progress in semiconductor spintronics in a historic perspective as well as in a comparison to achievements of spintronics of ferromagnetic metals. After outli . . . . .
Critical Phenomena: An Introduction from a modern perspective
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 21
This lecture gives an introduction to critical phenomena that emphasizes the emergence of and the role played by diverging length-scales.
Group theory for Maths, Physics and Chemistry students
Category :Group Theory  Language: clicks: 22
Contents: Introduction; Permutation Groups ; Symmetry Groups in Euclidean Space; Representation Theory; Character Tables; Some compact Lie groups and their representations.
Correlation effects in solids from first principles
Category :The GW method  Language: clicks: 22
First principles calculations of bandstructures of crystals are usually based on one-particle theories where the electrons are assumed to move in some effective potential. The most commonly used metho . . . . .
Coherent phonons in condensed media
Category :Vibrational Spectroscopy  Language: clicks: 22
The impulsive excitation and phase-sensitive detection of coherent phonons and phonon-polaritons provide a detailed insight into the dynamical properties of matter. The experiments are based on optica . . . . .

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