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Reversible Markov Chains and Random Walks on Graphs
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 3
Contents: Introduction; General Markov Chains; Reversible Markov Chains; Hitting and Convergence Time, and Flow Rate, Parameters for Reversible Markov Chains; coupling theory and examples; Special Gra . . . . .
Category :Geometry  Language: clicks: 4
The elementary geometry, which is learned in school, deals with basic concepts such as a point, a straight line, a segment. They are used to compose more complicated concepts: a polygo- nal line, a . . . . .
Dynamical Systems
Category :Dynamical Systems  Language: clicks: 5
Dynamical Systems Contents: Physical aspects of dynamical systems; Variational principles and applications; Formal aspects of dynamics; Stability of periodic motions; Existence of periodic motions; Application of P . . . . .
Lectures on Differential Geometry
Category :Differential Geometry  Language: clicks: 5
Lectures on Differential Geometry Contents:Chapter 1. Manifolds 1.1 Review of calculus 1.2 Manifolds:definitions and examples 1.3 Vectors and differentials 1.4 Submanifolds 1.5 Riemann metrics Chapter 2. Tensor Calcu . . . . .
An Introduction to Quantum Game Theory
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 6
This essay gives a self-contained introduction to quantum game theory, and is primarily oriented to economists with little or no acquaintance with quantum mechanics. It assumes little more than a basi . . . . .
Predicative Arithmetic
Category :Arithmetic  Language: clicks: 7
Predicative Arithmetic.
Homeomorphisms in Analysis
Category :Analysis  Language: clicks: 7
Homeomorphisms in Analysis Contents: The One Dimensional Case; Subsets of R; Baire Class 1; Differentiability Classes; The Derivative Function; Mappings and Measures on R^n; Bi-Lipschitzian Homeomorphisms; Approximation by Ho . . . . .
Games, Fixed Points and Mathematical Economics
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 7
Contents: Games; Brouwer’s Fixed Point Theorem and Nash’s Equilibrium Theorem; More general Equilibrium Theorems; Cooperative Games; Differential Games.
Mathematical Population Genetics
Category :Applied Mathematics  Language: clicks: 8
These note are intended to give background material in mathemat- ical population genetics and also, in part, to form the background for some of the material given by other lecturers.Some standard ge . . . . .
Introduction to Chaos
Category :Chaos Theory  Language: clicks: 9
Contents: 1. Lorenz Model: an introduction to chaos; 2. The Pendulum: the language of dynamical systems; 3. Nonlinear Oscillators: quasiperiodicity and frequency locking; 4. One Dimensional Maps; 5. T . . . . .
Evolutionary games on graphs
Category :Game Theory  Language: clicks: 9
Game theory is one of the key paradigms behind many scientific disciplines from biology to behavioral sciences to economics. In its evolutionary form and especially when the interacting agents are lin . . . . .
These notes study the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings
Category :Dynamical Systems  Language: clicks: 10
These notes study the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings from a Riemann surface to itself, concentrating on the classical case of rational maps of the Riemann sphere. They are based on introduc . . . . .
Dynamical systems
Category :Dynamical Systems  Language: clicks: 10
Contents: Iterations and fixed points; Bifurcations; Conjugacy; Space and time averages; The contraction fixed point theorem; Hutchinson’s theorem and fractal images; Hyperbolicity; Sy . . . . .
Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Category :Differential Equations  Language: clicks: 10
This manuscript provides an introduction to ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems. We start with some simple examples of explicitly solvable equations. Then we prove the fundamental re . . . . .
Gödel's Theorem and Theories of Arithmetic
Category :Arithmetic  Language: clicks: 11
I am working on what I hope will become another (big) book for C.U.P., on arithmetic and Gödel's incompleteness theorems. The early parts of the book will be a relaxed exposition of Gödel's theorems; . . . . .

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