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Path Integral, in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics

Path Integral, in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics
Author: H. Kleinert
Url: http://www.physik.fu-berlin.de/~kleinert/b5/
Format: Pdf
Category: Polymers, Path Integral
Pages: 1356
Clicks: 5505

Contents: * Fundamentals * Path Integrals — Elementary Properties and Simple Solutions * External Sources, Correlations, and Perturbation Theory * Semiclassical Time Evolution Amplitude * Variational Perturbation Theory * Path Integrals with Topological Constraints * Many Particle Orbits — Statistics and Second Quantization * Path Integrals in Spherical Coordinates * Fixed-Energy Amplitude and Wave Functions * Spaces with Curvature and Torsion * Schrödinger Equation in General Metric-Affine Spaces * New Path Integral Formula for Singular Potentials * Path Integral of Coulomb System * Solution of Further Path Integrals by the Duru–Kleinert Method * Path Integrals in Polymer Physics * Polymers and Particle Orbits in Multiply Connected Spaces * Tunneling * Nonequilibrium Quantum Statistics * Relativistic Particle Orbits * Path Integrals and Financial Markets.

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