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Notes on Conservation Biology

Author: Kent E. Holsinger, University of Connecticut
Url: http://darwin.eeb.uconn.edu/eeb310/lecture-notes/notes.html
Format: Html, Pdf
Category: Ecology
Clicks: 389

Contents: The biology of human-caused extinctions; Systematics and endangered species conservation; Biology of small populations; Introduction; Genetics; Population viability analysis; Introduction; Northern spotted owl; Bay checkerspot butterfly; Species interactions and biodiversity conservation; Global biodiversity patterns; Diversity, stability, and ecosystem function; Habitat fragmentation; Theory and design of conservation reserves; Design of reserve systems: an example; Ecosystem management; Landscape change and conservation objectives; Species invasions; Conservation of genetic resources; Decision making under uncertainty: statistical decision theory; Assigning a value to biological diversity: philosophy, ethics, and conservation biology; Philosophical problems for an environmental ethic.

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