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Finite Geometries

Author: J ̈urgen Bierbrauer
Url: http://www.math.mtu.edu/~jbierbra/HOMEZEUGS/finitegeom04.ps
Format: Ps
Year: 2005
Category: Finite Geometry
Pages: 137
Clicks: 168

Contents: Finite Fields 2 Pro jective geometries 3 The link to codes 4 An application: resilient functions 5 Arcs in pro jective planes 6 Symmetric bilinear forms 7 Symplectic bilinear forms 8 Quadratic forms in characteristic 2 9 Unitary bilinear forms 10 Quadrics in P G(2, q) and in P G(3, q) 11 Designs, pro jective planes and GQ 12 The small Witt designs 13 Symmetry groups 14 Generators and Spreads 15 Reed-Muller codes and Kerdock codes 16 Pro jective planes 17 Generalized polygons 18 Diagram geometries 19 The sporadic A7 -geometry.

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