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An introduction to many-body quantum theory in condensed matter

Author: Henrik Bruus y Karsten Flensberg.
Url: http://www.ifir.edu.ar/~manuel/condmat/cursos/notes/daneses.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2002
Category: Many body
Pages: 352
Clicks: 102

Contents: First and second quantization; The electron gas; Phonons; coupling to electrons; Mean field theory; Time evolution pictures; Linear response theory ; Transport in mesoscopic systems; Greenís functions; Equation of motion theory; Imaginary time Greenís functions; Feynman diagrams and external potentials; Feynman diagrams and pair interactions; The interacting electron gas; Fermi liquid theory; Impurity scattering and conductivity; Greenís functions and phonons; Superconductivity; 1D electron gases and Luttinger liquids; Fourier transformations; Exercises.

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