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Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components

Author: Faculty of Engineering
Url: http://www.eee.strath.ac.uk/~bwwilliams/book.htm
Format: Pdf
Category: Electronics
Pages: 707
Clicks: 62

Contents: 1. Basic Semiconductor Physics and Technology 2. The pn Junction 3. Power Switching Devices and their Static Electrical Characteristics 4. Electrical Ratings and Characteristics of Power Semiconductor Switching Devices 5. Cooling of Power Switching Semiconductor Devices 6. Load, Switch, and Commutation Considerations 7. Driving Transistors and Thyristors 8. Protecting Diodes, Transistors,and Thyristors 9. Switching-aid Circuits with Energy Recovery 10. Series and Parallel Device Operation, Protection, and Interference 11. Naturally Commutating AC to DC Converters - Uncontrolled Rectifiers 12. Naturally Commutating AC to DC Converters - Controlled Rectifiers 13. AC Voltage Regulators 14. DC Choppers 15. DC to AC Inverters - Switched Mode 16. DC to AC Inverters - Resonant Mode 17. DC to DC Power Supplies - Switched Mode 18. DC to DC Power Supplies - Resonant Mode 19. HVDC and FACTS 20. Inductors and Transformers 21. Resistors 22. Capacitors.

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