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An Introduction to Topos Physics

Author: Marios Tsatsos
Url: http://arxiv.org/abs/0803.2361
Format: Pdf
Year: 2008
Category: Mathematical Physics
Pages: 104
Clicks: 2625

The basic notion of how topoi can be utilized in physics is presented here. Topos and category theory serve as valuable tools which extend our ordinary set-theoretical conceptions, can further the study of quantum logic and give rise to new and 'neo-realistic' descriptions of quantum physics, i.e. make possible the construction of a general scheme for quantum physics, which 'looks like' the classical one. A novel way of writing theories of physics, by representing a formal language of a physical system, into an appropriate topos, is analyzed here. This novel approach is initiated by C.J. Isham and A. Doering and the major part of this paper comes from there; however there has been an effort in simplifying the basic ideas and do this work accessible to 'less experts' of the field. A minor, but not less important, part of this paper is devoted to resuming, in a concise way the background knowledge of logic, quantum logic and category theory, that is necessary for anyone who wishes to follow the whole topos approach.

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