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Optical Physics and Quantum Electronics

Author: R. Victor Jones
Url: http://people.seas.harvard.edu/~jones/ap216/
Format: Pdf
Year: 2000
Category: Spectroscopy
Pages: 100
Clicks: 2127

Contents: Classical Electromagnetic Fields; Preliminaries: A Review of Some Basic Concepts and Methods; Rays: The Eikonal Treatment of Geometric Optics; Beams: The Paraxial Wave Equation in Uniform Media; Optical Resonators; Wave Propagation in an Homogeneous, Anisotropic Dielectric; Descriptions of the Polarization of Light; Nonlinear Optics: Act I; Guided Waves in Planar Structures; Wave Propagation in Dispersive Media; Interaction of Radiation and Matter: Semiclassical Theory; Review of Basic Quantum Mechanics: Concepts, Postulates and Notation; Review of Basic Quantum Mechanics: Dynamic Behavior of Quantum Systems; Review of Basic Quantum Mechanics: Two-Level Quantum Systems; Review of Basic Quantum Mechanics: The Thermal Radiation Field; Elementary Laser Concepts and Systems; Semiclassical Laser Theory: Note on Van der Pol Oscillators; Semiconductor Photonics; Interaction of Radiation and Matter: Quantum Theory; Review of the Quantum Mechanics of Harmonic Oscillators; Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field; Representations of Photon States; The Interaction Hamiltonian -- Coupling of Fields and Charges; Photon Absorption and Emission; Appendix: Dielectric Susceptibility; Photoelectric Detection and Photon Counting; Appendix: On Classical Optical Interference, Coherence and Fluctuations; Quantum Mechanical Langevin Equations; Nonlinear Optics: Act II; Appendix: Radiative Transition Rates Revisited; Fiber Optic Manufacture; Van der Pol Negative Resistance; Oscillator; Self-study Material in Solid State Electronics I; Self-study Material in Solid State Electronics II; Ioffe Physico Technical Institute Electronic archive; Bandgap Engineering Properties of PN Junctions; Injection Lasers; A problem in geometric optics An Experimental "Toy" Model of a Randomly Fluctuating "Optical Field".

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