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Fortran 90 Lectures

Author: John Mahaffy
Url: http://www.personal.psu.edu/jhm/f90/lectures/quickref.html
Format: Html
Year: 1997
Category: Fortran90
Clicks: 446

Contents: Introduction to the Class; Fundamentals of Fortran, Programming Principles; Computer Operating Systems, Unix; A First Program; Next Step, Arithmetic Assignment Statements; More on Unix; Introduction to Fortran's Intrinsic Functions; Writing your own Functions and Subroutines; The program turns ugly, using DBX; Logical Structures; Use of IF statements for Interpolation; More ways to use branching; Linearization and Newton Iteration; DO Loops; Introduction to Arrays; Allocating space for a problem; Data Types and Data Representation; Input/Output; Character Variables; Fortran 90 CHARACTER intrinsic functions; Interpolation; Introduction to Multidimensional Arrays; Sorting; Fortran and Linear Algebra; Array Intrinsic Functions and INTERFACE Structures; Optimizing Code; Least Squares Fits; Basic Numerical Differentiation; Numerical Integration; The Secant Method for Solving Non-linear Equations; Computer Solutions to ODEs; Gauss Elimination and LU Decomposition.

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