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How to Design Programs

Author: Matthias Felleisen Robert Bruce Findler Matthew Flatt Shriram Kr
Url: http://www.htdp.org/
Format: Html
Year: 2001
Category: Teoria della Programmazione
Clicks: 654

Contents: Processing Simple Forms of Data; Students, Teachers, and Computers; Numbers, Expressions, Simple Programs; Programs are Function Plus Variable Definitions; Conditional Expressions and Functions; Symbolic Information; Compound Data, Part 1: Structures; The Varieties of Data; Intermezzo 1: Syntax and Semantics; Processing Arbitrarily Large Data Compound Data, Part 2: Lists; More on Processing Lists; Natural Numbers; Composing Functions, Revisited Again; Intermezzo 2: List Abbreviations More on Processing Arbitrarily Large Data; More Self-referential Data Definitions; Processing Two Complex Pieces of Data; Intermezzo 3: Local Definitions and Lexical Scope; Abstracting Designs; Similarities in Definitions; Functions are Values; Designing Abstractions from Examples; Designing Abstractions with First-Class Functions; Mathematical examples; Intermezzo 4: Defining Functions on the Fly; A New Form of Recursion; Designing Algorithms; Variations on a Theme; Algorithms that Backtrack; Intermezzo 5: The Cost of Computing and Vectors; Accumulating Knowledge; The Loss of Knowledge; Designing Accumulator-Style Functions; More Uses of Accumulation; Intermezzo 6: The Nature of Inexact Numbers; Changing the State of Variables; Memory for Functions; Assignment to Variables; Designing Functions with Memory; Examples of Memory Usage; Intermezzo 7: The Final Syntax and Semantics; Changing Compound Values; Encapsulation; Mutable Structures; Designing Functions that Change Structures; Equality; Changing Structures, Vectors, and Objects.

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