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Information Retrieval: A survey

Author: Ed Greengrass
Url: http://www.cs.umbc.edu/research/cadip/readings/IR.report.120600.book.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2000
Category: Information Retrieval
Pages: 224
Clicks: 1043

Information Retrieval (IR) is the discipline that deals with retrieval of unstructured data, especially textual documents, in response to a query or topic statement, which may itself be unstructured, e.g., a sentence or even another document, or which may be structured, e.g., a boolean expression. The need for effective methods of automated IR has grown in importance because of the tremendous explosion in the amount of unstructured data, both internal, corporate document collections, and the immense and growing number of document sources on the Internet. This report is a tutorial and survey of the state of the art, both research and commercial, in this dynamic field. The topics covered include: formulation of structured and unstructured queries and topic statements, indexing (including term weighting) of document collections, methods for computing the similarity of queries and documents, classification and routing of documents in an incoming stream to users on the basis of topic or need statements, clustering of document collections on the basis of language or topic, and statistical, probabilistic, and semantic methods of analyzing and retrieving documents.

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