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Aging by Design

Aging by Design
Author: Theodore Goldsmith
Url: http://www.azinet.com/aging/aging_by_design.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2011
Category: Gerontology
Pages: 49
Clicks: 100

Contents: Introduction; Ages of Man – Human Mortality; A Brief Summary of Aging Theories; The Evolution of Aging; Medawar’s Modification to Darwin’s Theory; Williams’ Modification to Darwin’s Theory; Evolution Theory’s Individual Benefit Clause; More Discrepancies with Traditional Darwinism – Group Selection; More Discrepancies – Evolvability Theory; Evidence Exclusion Principles; Evolutionary Mechanics Theories -- Current; Biological Aging Mechanisms; Direct Evidence for Programmed Aging; Non-Science Factors; Anti-Aging; Medicine; Anti-Aging Research; How to Live Longer!; Futher Reading.

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