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Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic  Spectroscopy
Url: http://www.nist.gov/pml/pubs/atspec/index.cfm
Format: Html, Pdf
Category: Spectroscopy
Pages: 31
Clicks: 469

Contents: Introduction;Frequency, Wavenumber, Wavelength Atomic States, Shells, and Configurations;Hydrogen and Hydrogen-like Ions Alkalis and Alkali-like Spectra; Helium and Helium-like Ions; LS Coupling Hierarchy of Atomic Structure in LS Coupling; Allowed Terms of Levels for Equivalent Electrons; LS Coupling jj Coupling; Notations for Different Coupling Schemes; LS Coupling (Russell-Saunders Coupling); jj Coupling of Equivalent Electrons; J1 j or J1 J2 Coupling; J1 l or J1 L2 Coupling (J1 K Coupling) LS1 Coupling (LK Coupling) Coupling Schemes and Term Symbols Eigenvector Composition of Levels Ground Levels and Ionization Energies for the Neutral Atoms Zeeman Effect Term Series, Quantum Defects, and Spectral-line Series Sequences Isoelectronic Sequence Isoionic, Isonuclear, and Homologous Sequences Spectral Wavelength Ranges, Dispersion of Air Wavelength (Frequency) Standards Spectral Lines: Selection Rules, Intensities, Transition Probabilities, Values, and Line Strengths Emission Intensities (Transition Probabilities) Absorption f values Line Strengths Relationships between A, f, and S Relationships between Line and Multiplet Values Relative Strengths for Lines of Multiplets in LS Coupling Atomic Lifetimes Regularities and Scaling Transitions in Hydrogenic (One-Electron) Species Systematic Trends and Regularities in Atoms and Ions with Two or More Electrons Spectral Line Shapes, Widths, and Shifts Doppler Broadening Pressure Broadening Spectral Continuum Radiation Hydrogenic Species Many-Electron Systems Sources of Spectroscopic Data.

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