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Wavelets and their Applications in Computer Graphics

Author: Alain Fournier
Url: http://www.multires.caltech.edu/teaching/courses/waveletcourse/sig95.course.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 1995
Category: Computer Vision
Pages: 239
Clicks: 1238

The main objective of the course (through the lectures and through these notes) is to provide enough background on wavelets so that a researcher or skilled practitioner in computer graphics can understand the nature and properties of wavelets, and assess their suitability to solve specific problems in computer graphics. Our goal is that after the course and/or the study of these notes one should be able to access the basic mathematical literature on wavelets, understand and review critically the current computer graphics literature using them, and have some intuition about the pluses and minuses of wavelets and wavelet transform for a specific application.

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