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Well-posedness and long time behavior in nonlinear dissipative hyperbolic-like evolutions with critical exponents

Author: Igor Chueshov, Irena Lasiecka
Url: http://arxiv.org/abs/1204.5864
Format: Ps, Pdf
Year: 2012
Category: PDE
Pages: 97
Clicks: 1191

These lectures present the analysis of stability and control of long time behavior of PDE models described by nonlinear evolutions of hyperbolic type. Specific examples of the models under consideration include: (i) nonlinear systems of dynamic elasticity: von Karman systems, Berger's equations, Kirchhoff - Boussinesq equations, nonlinear waves (ii) nonlinear flow - structure and fluid - structure interactions, (iii) and nonlinear thermo-elasticity. A characteristic feature of the models under consideration is criticality or super-criticality of sources (with respect to Sobolev's embeddings) along with super-criticality of damping mechanisms which, in addition, may be also geometrically constrained. Our aim is to present several methods relying on cancelations, harmonic analysis and geometric analysis, which enable to handle criticality and also super-criticality in both sources and the damping of the underlined nonlinear PDE. It turns out that if carefully analyzed the nonlinearity can be taken "advantage of" in order to produce implementable damping mechanism. Another goal of these lectures is the understanding of control mechanisms which are geometrically constrained. The final task boils down to showing that appropriately damped system is "quasi-stable" in the sense that any two trajectories approach each other exponentially fast up to a compact term which can grow in time. Showing this property- formulated as quasi-stability estimate -is the key and technically demanding issue that requires suitable tools. These include: weighted energy inequalities, compensated compactness, Carleman's estimates and some elements of microlocal analysis.

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