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Graduate E & M

Author: Walter Wilcox
Url: http://blogs.baylor.edu/open_text/purpose/graduate-e-m/
Format: Pdf
Category: Electricity and Megnetism
Pages: 600
Clicks: 86

The present online version is two semester graduate level text, approximately 360 350 pages long. It is on the level of the well-known textbook by J. D. Jackson. Included are many problems (approximately 150 120) at the end of the chapters which specifically illustrate or expand upon the text. Parts 1 and 2 were edited in 2006 and Part 1 was also revised in January, 2009 (not enough changes to be newly copyrighted). The texts still need additional editing throughout to introduce new material, make it more self-consistent, remove typos, and try to actually make it more readable. In addition, many of the figures, which have been composed on a Macintosh using a picture editor, need to be made clearer. Previously, I gave up on providing an up-to-date Mac Word OSX version and simply posted the original Mac Word 5.1 versions — I have now given up on providing any Word version whatsoever! In the future, just the PDFs will be given. (You can find the previous versions in the “Archives” section.)

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