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A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics

Author: Matthew Robinson, Karen Bland, Gerald Cleaver and Jay Dittmann
Url: http://blogs.baylor.edu/open_text/purpose/particle-physics-books/
Format: Pdf
Year: 2012
Category: Particle Physics
Pages: 200
Clicks: 293

I am pleased to be able to present a set of pre-published particle physics books, authored by my Baylor colleagues, on OPEN TEXT. The texts are called “A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics” Parts I and II. These are scheduled to be published by Springer sometime next year. The texts are in LaTeX, and one may download either the individual TeX files or the final PDF files below. The first of these is subtitled “Part I – Foundations and the Standard Model” (140pp, Matthew Robinson, Karen Bland, Gerald Cleaver and Jay Dittmann), and the second is “Part II – Geometric Foundations and Relativity” (385pp, Matthew Robinson, Tibra Ali and Gerald Cleaver).

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