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Cosmological Evolution of Galaxies

Author: Isaac Shlosman
Url: http://arxiv.org/abs/1212.1463
Format: Ps, Pdf
Year: 2012
Category: Astrophysics of Galaxies
Pages: 88
Clicks: 1800

I review the subject of the cosmological evolution of galaxies, including different aspects of growth in disk galaxies, by focussing on the angular momentum problem, mergers, and their by-products. I discuss the alternative to merger-driven growth -- cold accretion and related issues. In the follow-up, I review possible feedback mechanisms and their role in galaxy evolution. Special attention is paid to high-redshift galaxies and their properties. In the next step, I discuss a number of processes, gas- and stellar-dynamical, within the central kiloparsec of disk galaxies, and their effect on the larger spatial scales, as well as on the formation and fuelling of the seed black holes in galactic centres at high redshifts.

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