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Internet Informed

Internet Informed
Author: David Novak
Url: http://spireproject.com/Internet Informed - full book as pdf.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2007
Category: Internet
Pages: 334
Clicks: 824

n this book, we shall initially gather a collection of search techniques that extend our ability to collect and appreciate internet information. This will include the use of field searches, an understanding of prominence and endorsements as well the influences of context, format and source. I will also show you a very effective way to reveal quality on the internet. We will then adopt several ways to move more swiftly. We want to liberate ourselves from some of the drudgery as well as notice the many clues that already flash before our eyes. Following this, we will address the development of internet informa- tion from a sociological and historic al perspective. The more we under- stand the internet, the less confusion will barour way and the more we will feel at home. This also reveals one further elusive structure to the internet.Finally, we will discuss choreography, as we decide what to search for and how to frame our questions. A comprehensive or controversial search can be particularly tricky.

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