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Nanotechnology in Catalysis

Author: Series Editor: David J. Lockwood, FRSC
Url: http://www.kepu.dicp.ac.cn/photo/07sl/120.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 2007
Category: Catalysis
Pages: 341
Clicks: 108

Contents: Section I reviews the new concepts and applications of nanotechnology for catal- ysis. Chapter 1 provides an overview on how nanotechnology impacts catalyst prepa- ration with more control of active sites, phases, and environment of actives sites. The values of catalysis in advancing development of nanotechnology where catalysts are used to facilitate the production of carbon nanotubes, and catalytic reactions to provide the driving force for motions in nano-machines are also reviewed. Chapter 2 investi- gates the role of oxide support materials in modifying the electronic structure at the surface of a metal, and discusses how metal surface structure and properties influence the reactivity at molecular level. Chapter 3 describes a nanomotor driven by catalysis of chemical reactions. Section II is about the new structure and understanding of nanocatalysts. Chapters 4 and 5 provide insight for understanding the structure and reactivity of gold catalyst. Chapters 6 and 7 disclose new methods for making nanoparticle catalysts in a control way by using the sol–gel technique and dendrimer template, respectively. Chapter 8 reviews the synthesis, structure, and applications of tungsten oxide nanorods. Section III focuses on metal or metal oxide nanoparticle catalysts. By controlling the nanoparticle size and the environment where the nanoparticle is formed, several examples are described to show how the metal or metal oxide nanopartcle catalysts can be formed and how their unique structure and properties affect the chemical reac- tion they catalyze. These examples provide clues for understanding the nanoparticle catalysts, which may guide the future generation catalysts development. Section IV emphasizes on nanoparticle catalysts for fuel cell applications. Fuel cell is a clean and desired future energy source. It is interesting to see that nanoparticle electrocatalysts play an important role in fuel cell development. Chapters 14 and 15 explore how nanoparticle catalysts can efficiently catalyze the reactions at anode and cathode of the fuel cells.

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