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Quantum theory of spontaneous emission and coherent effects in semiconductor microstructures

Author: M. Kira , F. Jahnke, W. Hoyer, S.W. Koch
Url: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mackillo_Kira/publication/222506446_Quantum_theory_of_spontaneous_emission_and_coherent_effects_in_semiconductor_microstructures/links/5688c38a08aebccc4e166bc1.pdf
Format: Pdf
Year: 1999
Category: Semiconductor Physics
Pages: 91
Clicks: 128

A fully quantum-mechanical theory for the interaction of light and electron } hole excitations in semiconductor quantum-well systems is developed. The resulting many-body hierarchy for the correlation functions is truncated using a dynamical decoupling scheme leading to coupled semiconductor luminescence and Bloch equations. For incoherent excitation conditions, the theory is used to describe nonlinear excitonic emission properties of single-quantum wells, optically coupled multiple quantum-well systems, and quantum wells in a microcavity. Reson- ant coherent optical excitation leads to a direct coupling between the induced coherent polarization and photoluminescence. The resulting quantum corrections to the semiclassical semiconductor Bloch equations and the coherent contributions to the semiconductor lumines- cence equations are discussed. The secondary emission in directions deviating from the coherent excitation direction after femtosecond-pulse excitation is studied. Coherent control and quadrature squeezing for the light emission are analyzed.

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