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Coral Reefs

Author: David A. Krupp
Url: http://krupp.wcc.hawaii.edu/BIOL200/corseinfo/courseinfo.htm
Format: Pdf
Category: Marine Biology
Pages: 117
Clicks: 93

Introduction to the biology, ecology and geology of stony corals and the reef structures they build. Topics include, but not limited to, the following: photobiology, biochemistry, physiology, reproduction, ecology, biogeography and evolution of stony corals; contributions made by other members of the coral reef community, such as algae, invertebrates, fish, sea turtles, sea birds, and marine mammals; reef formation and geomorphology; corals as resources for human utilization and the impacts of human activities upon reefs throughout the world. Emphasis will be on Hawaii's coral reefs, but comparisons will be made among reefs from other areas.

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