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The Theory Of Gravity

Author: A.A. Logunov
Url: http://babbage.sissa.it/abs/gr-qc/0210005
Format: Ps, Pdf
Category: General Relativity
Pages: 256
Clicks: 4867

In the framework of the special theory of relativity, the relativistic theory of gravitation (RTG) is constructed. The energy-momentum tensor density of all the matter fields (including gravitational one) is treated as a source of the gravitational field. The energy-momentum and the angular momentum conservation laws are fulfilled in this theory. Such an approach permits us to unambiguously construct the gravitional field theory as a gauge theory. According to the RTG, the homogeneous and isotropic Universe is to be ``flat''. It evolves cyclewise from some maximal density to the minimal one, etc. The book is designed for scientific workers, post-graduates and upper-year students majoring in theoretical physics.

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