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Introduction to Linear Bialgebra

Author: W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache, K
Url: http://babbage.sissa.it/abs/math.GM/0508260
Format: Pdf
Category: Linear Algebra
Pages: 238
Clicks: 1406

The algebraic structure, linear algebra happens to be one of the subjects which yields itself to applications to several fields like coding or communication theory, Markov chains, representation of groups and graphs, Leontief economic models and so on. This book has for the first time, introduced a new algebraic structure called linear bialgebra, which is also a very powerful algebraic tool that can yield itself to applications. With the recent introduction of bimatrices (2005)we have ventured in this book to introduce new concepts like linear bialgebra and Smarandache neutrosophic linear bialgebra and also give the applications of these algebraic structures. It is important to mention here it is a matter of simple exercise to extend these to linear n-algebra for any n greater than 2; for n = 2 we get the linear bialgebra. This book has five chapters. In the first chapter we just introduce some basic notions of linear algebra and Slinear algebra and their applications. Chapter two introduces some new algebraic bistructures. In chapter three we introduce the notion of linear bialgebra and discuss several interesting properties about them. Also, application of linear bialgebra to bicodes is given. A remarkable part of our research in this book is the introduction of the notion of birepresentation of bigroups. The fourth chapter introduces several neutrosophic algebraic structures since they help in defining the new concept of neutrosophic linear bialgebra, neutrosophic bivector spaces, Smarandache neutrosophic linear bialgebra and Smarandache neutrosophic bivector spaces. Theirprobable applications to real-world models are discussed.

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