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Room-Temperature Superconductivity

Room-Temperature Superconductivity
Author: A. Mourachkine
Url: http://babbage.sissa.it/abs/cond-mat/0606187
Format: Pdf
Category: High-Tc Superconductivity
Pages: 326
Clicks: 678

This is the first book on the subject of room-temperature superconductivity. The main purpose of the book is twofold. First, to show that, under suitable conditions, superconductivity can occur above room temperature. Secondly, to present general guidelines on how to synthesize a room temperature superconductor. The book begins with an introduction into the physics of the superconducting state and superconducting materials. The mechanisms of conventional, half-conventional and unconventional superconductivity are discussed in the following chapters. The last three chapters of the book are devoted to room temperature superconductivity. In Chapter 2, an attempt to review the basic properties of the superconducting state independently of any specific mechanism is made for the first time. In addition, four principles of superconductivity valid for any type of superconductivity are introduced in Chapter 4. The book is mainly addressed to specialists in materials science and in the field of superconductivity. At the same time, students will also benefit from reading the first nine chapters of the book.

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