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Classical Mechanics

Author: Prof. J. J. Binney Michaelmas Term 2005
Url: http://www-thphys.physics.ox.ac.uk/user/JamesBinney/lectures.html
Format: Pdf
Category: Advanced Mechanics
Pages: 30
Clicks: 4994

Contents: The calculus of variations & Euler{Lagrange equations; principle of least action; equations of motion in strange coordinates; rigid-body dynamics; motion in an electromagnetic ¯eld; applications to nor- mal modes; symmetries and Noether's theorem; constrained systems (including Lagrange multipliers). Hamiltonian dynamics: Legendre transformations; Hamilton's equations; applications to harmonic os- cillator, rotating coordinates, motion in an e.m. ¯eld; Liouville's theorem; Hamilton's principle and connection with quantum mechanics; Poisson brackets; canonical coordinates; generators of canonical maps, symmetries and conserved quantities; canonical transformations; point transformations; action- angle coordinates; Hamilton{Jacobi equation; derivation from quantum mechanics; phase-space volumes and canonical coordinates.

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