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Programming in Martin-Lof's Type Theory

Author: Bengt Nordström Kent Petersson Jan M. Smith
Url: http://www.cs.chalmers.se/Cs/Research/Logic/book/
Format: Pdf
Category: Compilers and Languages
Pages: 210
Clicks: 1417

In recent years, several formalisms for program construction have appeared. One such formalism is the type theory developed by Per Martin-Lof. Well suited as a theory for program construction, it makes possible the expression of both specifications and programs within the same formalism. Furthermore, the proof rules can be used to derive a correct program from a specification as well as to verify that a given program has a certain property. This book contains a thorough introduction to type theory, with information on polymorphic sets, subsets, monomorphic sets, and a full set of helpful examples.

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