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Writing Device Drivers Book for the Solaris 8 OS

Author: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Url: http://docs-pdf.sun.com/805-7378/805-7378.pdf
Format: Pdf
Category: Device Drivers
Pages: 410
Clicks: 2202

This book provides information on developing device drivers for character-oriented devices, block-oriented devices, and SCSI target and HBA devices for the Solaris(tm) operating environment. This book discusses how to develop multithreaded reentrant device drivers for all architectures that conform to the Solaris DDI/DKI. A common driver programming approach is described that allows drivers to be written without concern for platform-specific issues such as endianness and data ordering. Additional topics include porting Solaris drivers to a 64-bit environment; cluster-aware drivers; driver autoconfiguration; programmed I/O; Direct Memory Access (DMA); power management; device context management; compilation, installation, and testing of drivers; and debugging drivers.

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