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  DATA MINING AND ANALYSIS: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms
Posted on 2014-10-26 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This book is an outgrowth of data mining courses at Rensselae r Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG); the R PI course has been offered every Fall since 1998, whereas the UFMG course has be en offered since 2002. Although there are several good books on data mining an d related topics, we felt that many of them are either too high-level or too advanc ed. Our goal was to write an introductory text that focuses on the fundamental a lgorithms in data mining and analysis. It lays the mathematical fo . . . .
  Mining of Massive Datasets
Posted on 2014-10-25 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This book evolved from material developed over several year s by Anand Raja- raman and Jeff Ullman for a one-quarter course at Stanford. Th e course CS345A, titled “Web Mining,” was designed as an advanced gra duate course, although it has become accessible and interesting to advanc ed undergraduates. . . . .
  Lecture Notes in Thermal Physics
Posted on 2014-10-21 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Introduction 1 The overall object of thermal and statistical physics is to understand the behavior of macroscopic systems from the microscopic interactions between the particles making up the systems. Is this possible? In gen- eral? Yes. We know of many examples where the collective properties of macroscopic objects do not depend on the microscopic details. For example, a liquid will behave as a liquid if it is made from metal, glass, water, polymers (macromolecules) or liquid hydrogen! Macroscopic materials have common properties that . . . .
  Quantum Mechanics - Lecture Notes
Posted on 2014-10-20 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
The operator H is directly related to the Hamiltonian function in classical physics, which will be defined in the first chapter. The ket-vector state and its physical meaning will be introduced in the second chapter. Chapter 3 reviews the position and momentum operators, whereas chapter 4 discusses dynamics of quantum systems. The second part of the course (chapters 5-7) is devoted to some relatively simple quantum systems including a harmonic oscillator, spin,hydrogen atom and more. In chapter 8 we will study quantum systems in therma . . . .
  An Introductiont o Medicinal Chemistry
Posted on 2014-10-16 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This text is aimed at undergraduates who have a basic grounding in chemistry and are interested in a future career in the pharmaceutical industry. It attempts to convey something of the fascination of working in a field which overlaps the disciplines of chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, and pharmacology. No previous knowledge of biology is assumed and the first six chapters cover the basics of cell structure, proteins, and nucleic acid sas applied to drug design. Chapters 7, 8, and 9 describe the general tactics employed . . . .
  Computational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers
Posted on 2014-10-15 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Computational Physics: Problem Solving with Computers This is not the book I thought I’d be writing. When, about a decade ago, I initiated the discussions that led to our Computational Physics course, I thought we would teach mainly physics in it. The Computer Science Department, I thought, would teach the students what they needed to know about computers, the Mathematics Department would teach them what they needed to know about numerical methods and statistics, and I would teach them what I knew about applying that knowledge to solve physics problems using computers. That’s how I thought i . . . .

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