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  Many-Particle Theory of Highly excited Semiconductors
Posted on 2016-09-01 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
The theory of highly excited semiconductors is dealt with from a many-particle point of view using the Green's function formalism. . . . .
   Quantum walks: a comprehensive review
Posted on 2016-07-23 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
Quantum walks, the quantum mechanical counterpart of classical random walks, is an advanced tool for building quantum algorithms that has been recently shown to constitute a universal model of quantum computation. Quantum walks is now a solid field of research of quantum computation full of exciting open problems for physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers. In this paper we review theoretical advances on the foundations of both discrete- and continuous-time quantum walks, together with the role that randomness plays in qu . . . .
   Quantum random walks - an introductory overview
Posted on 2016-07-22 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This article aims to provide an introductory survey on quantum random walks. Starting from a physical effect to illustrate the main ideas we will introduce quantum random walks, review some of their properties and outline their striking differences to classical walks. We will touch upon both physical effects and computer science applications, introducing some of the main concepts and language of present day quantum information science in this context. We will mention recent developments in this new area and outline some open questions. . . . .
   A primer on quantum fluids
Posted on 2016-07-16 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This book introduces the theoretical description and properties of quantum fluids. The focus is on gaseous atomic Bose-Einstein condensates and, to a minor extent, superfluid helium, but the underlying concepts are relevant to other forms of quantum fluids such as polariton and photonic condensates. The book is pitched at the level of advanced undergraduates and early postgraduate students, aiming to provide the reader with the knowledge and skills to develop their own research project on quantum fluids. Indeed, the content for this book grew f . . . .
   An Introduction to Business Mathematics
Posted on 2016-07-13 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
These lecture notes provide a self-contained introduction to the mathematical methods required in a Bachelor degree programme in Business, Economics, or Management. In particular, the topics covered comprise real-valued vector and matrix algebra, systems of linear algebraic equations, Leontief's stationary input-output matrix model, linear programming, elementary financial mathematics, as well as differential and integral calculus of real-valued functions of one real variable. A special focus is set on applications in quantitative economical mo . . . .
   Electron-phonon interactions from first principles
Posted on 2016-06-17 (Send to a Friend Send to a Friend )
This article reviews the theory of electron-phonon interactions in solids from the point of view of ab-initio calculations. While the electron-phonon interaction has been studied for almost a century, predictive non-empirical calculations have become feasible only during the past two decades. Today it is possible to calculate from first principles many materials properties related to the electron-phonon interaction, including the critical temperature of conventional superconductors, the carrier mobility in semiconductors, the temperature depend . . . .

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