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Book News: Mathematics

Théorèmes de de Finetti, limites de champ moyen et condensation de Bose-Einstein
Category :Mathematical Physics  Language: clicks: 196
These are the lectures notes from my cours Peccot at the Coll`ege de France, given in March-April 2014. They are in french for the moment, some english translation should be available soon(er or late . . . . .
An introduction to spinors
Category :Thoery of Relativity  Language: clicks: 332
We introduce spinors, at a level appropriate for an undergraduate or first year graduate course on relativity, astrophysics or particle physics. The treatment assumes very little mathematical knowledg . . . . .
Introduction to Graphs
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 394
Introduction to Graphs Contents: Introduction; basics; Elaborations; Graph Traversal; Analysis; Example Applications of Graph Theory.
Topics in the Theory of Quadratic Residues
Category :Number Theory  Language: clicks: 254
Number theory as a coherent mathematical subject started with the work of Fermat in the decade from 1630 to 1640, but modern number theory, that is, the systematic and mathematically rigorous developm . . . . .
An introduction to Noncommutative Projective Geometry
Category :Ring Theory  Language: clicks: 239
These notes are an expanded version of the author's lectures at the graduate workshop "Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry" at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in June 2012. The main topics . . . . .
Applied Stochastic Processes in science and engineering
Category :Stochastic Processes  Language: clicks: 319
This book is designed as an introduction to the ideas and methods used to formulate mathematical models of physical processes in terms of random functions. The rst ve chapters use the historical d . . . . .

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