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Algebra[111] Analysis[121] Applied Mathematics[19]
Arithmetic[2] Calculus[21] Catastrophe theory[1]
Control Theory[4] Discrete Mathematics[69] Dynamical Systems[29]
Fractals[3] Game Theory[4] General Mathematics[13]
Geometry[113] Group Theory[34] Information elaboration systems
Information Theory[11] Mathematical Physics[72] Measure Theory[3]
Misc. Books[8] Number Theory[38] Optimization[14]
Probability and Statistics[59] Queueing Theory[4] Topology[63]

Book News: Mathematics

Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Category :Stochastic Processes  Language: clicks: 8
Introduction to Stochastic Processes Emphasizing fundamental mathematical ideas rather than proofs, Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Second Edition provides quick access to important foundations of probability theory applicable to p . . . . .
Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Category :Stochastic Processes  Language: clicks: 21
Contents:Probability review; Mathematica in 15 minutes; Stochastic Processes; The simple random walk; Generating functions; Random walks - advanced methods; Branching processes; Markov Chains; The . . . . .
Random Graphs and Complex Networks
Category :Graph Theory  Language: clicks: 202
These lecture notes are intended to be used for master courses, where the students have a limited prior knowledge of special topics in probability. Therefore, we have included many of the preliminar . . . . .
Abstract Set Theory
Category :Set Theory  Language: clicks: 189
Abstract Set Theory Contents: Chapter 1: Historical remarks; Outlines of Cantor's theory 1 - 6 Abstract PDF Chapter II: Ordered sets; A theorem of Hausdorff 7 - 11 Abstract PDF Chapter III: Axiomatic set theory; Ax . . . . .
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction
Category :Misc. Books  Language: clicks: 363
Proof in Mathematics: an Introduction This is a small (98 page) textbook designed to teach mathematics and computer science students the basics of how to read and construct proofs. Why do students take the instruction "prove" . . . . .
Modern geometry
Category :Geometry  Language: clicks: 279
Contents: Geometry: Making a Start; Euclidean Parallel Postulate; Non-Euclidean Geometries; Transformations; Inversion.

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